Customer Service

Stop worrying about your customers and focus on your business. We’ll reply to customers on your behalf and resolve their issues. We provide 24-hour Customer service.

Your Growth Unhindered

Here at Tech Choices, we have 24/7 customer service centres supported by an extensive network of experts proficient in different languages. We can serve customers of Asian, European and other popular English markets.

Scale Up Quickly

Our experts will help you to attract quality customers at record speed. It will help your business to grow fast and earn more profit. Our support team will enable you to cope with the fast-growing business competition.

Revolutionise Your Business

With the increase in competition, demands & expectations of customers are changing. Our experts will help you to achieve success with the latest technologies, performance audits & data-driven strategies at very affordable rates.

Our Customer Support Services

Tech Choices is a Business Promotion Company based in the Pakistan providing expert solutions to clients. We combine proven expertise, methodologies and business knowledge to help our clients in getting reliable and mature leads.  At Tech Choices, we are on a mission to bring a better business world by turning the audience into leads. We are helping companies to grow and improve their customer loyalty.

1. Delivery & Tracking

Our experts will help you to resolve the delivery and tracking issues of your customers. We will update the parcel delivery and manage your customers 24/7 and perform tasks like;
  • Answering Delivery Queries
  • Tracking shipments and Order
  • Managing Post Order

2. Customer Support

We will successfully resolve all your after-sales queries to satisfy your customers. We’ll give them further product knowledge and input all the data into customer management systems.
  • Answering Queries & Providing Tech Support
  • Updating & Inputting Data
  • Resolving Issues & Educate customers

3. Customer Care

Looking to improve your overall customer experiences? Tech Choices will help you in this regard. we’ll contact customers on your behalf by passing valuable insights to gain their loyalty and boost your revenue.
  • Filling Surveys & Running Campaigns
  • Providing Customer Insights & Becoming A Voice of Customer
  • Growing Customer Loyalty

4. Warranties & Claims

Our team is there 24/7 to guide your customers who want to cancel, return, exchange or need warranty repair on the products. We’ll work as a team to streamline warranties, claim issues and to provide the best possible customer experience.
  • Management of Returns, Repairs & Refunds,
  • Product Recalls, Claims, Exchanges,
  • Warranties, Collections & Cancellations

Get Effective Customer Support Services

We will respond to all your inquiries, Contact us or send us an Email.