Tech Choices will transform your customer experiences and drives growth by fusing innovation and brand. Our experts assist you to clarify your brand, align your business and create brands that deliver performance, to attract leads and turn those leads into customers.

Our Branding Strategy


Here at Tech Choices, we start our process with a kick-off meeting or a call followed by any of the following combinations; market research, stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, questionnaires or content strategy.


Market research is not required for every project. But when time and budget permit, we’ll engage our research experts, to do market research based on your brand, products and competitors. It’ll help us to take righteous steps while branding your Company.


Without differentiation, you have to compete with other brands, after which your new brand will stagnate or die. We’ll help you to differentiate your brand from your competitor and understand how to uncover the strengths of your brand.


After understanding the purpose and vision of your Company, we’ll develop a messaging and positioning framework for your Brand. Based on the positioning of your products we will design your branding campaign that will help customers to find your brand.


Now, after creating a strategic foundation, we will move into the visual appearance of the unique brand identity. We’ll explore and present multiple design solutions from which you can select and finalize for the application and its launch.


Now the new brand identity will be codified in a style guide of the brand. This document entails complete guidance on the correct application of the new brand assets. All the brand guides will be produced digitally, enabling us to constantly update and expand it.

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