Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is the process of outsourcing business services to the third party BPO Company for overheads cost reductions and faster TAT. Normally, businesses outsource their services to (offshore & nearshore) Companies. It enables them to explore skilled talents from the BPO Company at a lower cost. Companies like to offshore their daily operations to get customer support, back-office clerical activities, Sales & Marketing, IT support services, etc. Tech Choices is a BPO offshoring company that provides flexibility to businesses in terms of costs, deliverables, meeting deadlines and executing technological advancements. We provide BPO (nearshore & offshore) services to businesses to help them increase their profit.

How We Can Help

Keep your customers happy with our 360° Customer care and BPO services. Our experts will turn your detractors into your most honest promoters.


Back Office Services

Here at Tech Choices, we have domain experts and well-trained executives in our team to execute clients' projects. Outsourcing back office is a very simple, effective and reliable way to manage daily business activities. Our experts will help you to manage core & non-core functions of your business. Back office offshoring is highly productive for your business. Our experts will help you to get the best results as the offshore team will work within your working hours, and interact with your clients regularly via audio and video conference. We will use secured VPN connectivity by adopting the latest methodologies.

E-commerce Support Services

The E-commerce industry has reached its full shape and it has become popular just like brick and mortar stores. Currently, there are so many global E-commerce companies that require a huge workforce to perform daily business operations. They prefer to outsource Ecommerce support to the Companies providing BPO services. Here at Tech Choices, we provide E-commerce support to our clients that include services like product management, customer support, offers and deals, cart management, after-sales support order fulfilment etc. Moreover, we provide eCommerce support services to our clients that include;
  • Shop Management
  • Customer Support
  • Cart Management
  • Payments
  • Order Processing