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With our digital marketing services, we helped Soft Touch Beds to reach new heights in the digital sphere to boost up the company sales and help them to grow continuously. We helped this furniture company to stand out of the competition and increase its profits.



Logo Design
By considering the genre of the furniture company we design its logo, by adding the image of bed. It indicates the progressiveness and growth in the ideology of the brand. Accompanied by elegant typography giving the impression of a horizon creating a limitless ground; visually depicting the concept of growth, progress and success. An elegant logo of Soft Touch Beds with two sets of thickness creates a look of authority and combined with the concept elements provides the whole brand with a very balanced and influential aura.

Website Design


The bespoke designers of Tech Choices worked very hard on the website design of Soft Touch Beds. The outstanding design of the website helped them to stand out of the competition and capture the attention of clients. Our expert web designers create a professional-looking website to captivate a user’s mind. Our web responsive design and professional user interface help in reducing the bounce rate by 60% to indirectly improve our client’s search engine ranking due to user spending more time on their website.

“The first impression is your last impression”

Ad Creatives

Social Media Designs

To implement the best marketing plans for Soft Touch Beds, we target the audience by using social media platforms. With our proficient design services, we outlined so many outclass designs for our client, to use for the sponsored ads & organic posts. All our designs were related to furniture products being offered. Our plan is to design something that pleads the user to stop scrolling the news feed and take an intense look on the post while they’re on any social media platform.

We use the perfect blend of colours, themes and well-structured layouts, our design experts architected the most epic social media designs for Soft Touch Beds that help them completely outperform all their major competitors in user-engagement.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click
With our professional SEM service, we utilized 10% of the budget on PPC marketing. We planned to target the keywords that are highly effective yet had low CPC (Cost-per-click). This strategy helped us to generate a high amount of leads and satisfied our client by increasing their ROI (Return on investment).

Advanced Targeting

Improve Soft Touch Beds Data

Soft Touch Beds previously have lots of social media advertisements, however, none of them could bring real sales. Irrespective of the fact, how many people they reach, their boosted social media posts would hardly bring any engagement, let alone conversions.

Our social media marketing team helped our client to target its customer with relevant interests and corresponding demographics effectively. We help them to track their customers and website traffic by installing Facebook Pixel & re-targeted them back on Facebook with other ad-sets we had developed. This strategy helps them to chase and capture all the potential customers who visited their website. It helped them to boost their conversion rate mare than 200% and we noticed a prominent jump in their sales revenue.

Performance Marketing

Social Media Posts
We were actively pushing the social media posts, along with the paid media. Although in this scenario the organic traffic doesn’t move the needle, it still keeps the consumers and online followers of the brand intact. Our team of experts were trying to put effort to portray creativeness along with the brand’s image via designs. Our social media team kept on trying to align the users with eye-catching captions & trending hashtags. Overall it made the brand to strengthen itself in the consumer’s eyes and attain a firm stand in the market.

Sales Maximization

The central goal of our digital marketing campaign for Soft Touch Beds was to drive conversions and make the audience to actually purchase the products. It’s done with user-centric targeting, solid call-to-actions and retargeting through an entire structure of ad-sets on multiple social media platforms including Facebook & Instagram.

The Result

With our strategic digital marketing, not only did Soft Touch Beds measurably improve its bottom line but was also able to affirm its position in the market. By forging a partnership with Tech Choices, the marketing results of Soft Touch Bed become impressive. By channelizing our powerful digital marketing services, Tech Choices has helped Soft Touch Beds to grow their business and continues to digitally expand it further.

Monthly Website Visitors

Qualified Leads Generated

Leads Generated from Conversions

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